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Camp Cooper
& The Cooper Center for Environmental Learning
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Bringing The Camp Cooper Experience Online

We may not be able to host our traditional field trips at Camp Cooper right now due to the pandemic, but we haven’t let that keep us from working with students.

We’ve been piloting new virtual programs since early September, and last Monday, we met with 4 classes and worked with over 100 middle school students in one day - far more than we could have hosted at camp! So far we have logged over 1,000 minutes of programming with more than 450 students. If you or someone you know is interested in booking a virtual field trip experience with us, you can sign up here.

Book A Virtual Field Trip and Get Access To Our Prerecorded Content Library

Book a virtual field trip for your class! We've got grade-specific experiences for preschool through middle school, and we're making it fun and engaging for everyone. Live sessions and recorded content available.
My Environment Middle School Program Pilot

Since the beginning of the school year, our education team has been crafting and refining a pilot middle school program called 'My Environment'.  This program happens over 3 sessions, and challenges students to identify an environmental challenge in their community and create a plan for improvement. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten Bilingual Programming

As part of our effort to increase the accessibility of the programs we offer, we are proud to have completed our first bilingual video aimed at Preschool students.  The video explores age appropriate themes helping connect students with their environment through movement.  We aim to continue to offer more of our programs in English and Spanish.
Teacher Development Workshop Fills in 48 Hours
We were very excited to see our four-part nature journal workshop fill in only 2 days!  Since then, we've signed up nearly a full class of people on our wait list.

This online teacher professional development workshop is offered in collaboration with Partners for Equitable Science Instruction (PESI) and with financial support from The Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund. 
Our first session happened last week, and teachers are ecstatic about the instructional tools and ideas they are gaining from the PESI instructors and from conversations with each other. The focus was on drawing techniques and helping students feel comfortable with drawing. This week, the focus will be on managing students in outdoor settings and broader uses for journals.

For those of you on the wait list - you will be the first to know about our 2nd nature journaling workshop planned for early 2021. For others who are interested, please sign up here.

Learn more about PESI - check out their
October 2020 Newsletter.

Cooper Adopts a Diversity Equity & Inclusion Mission
The purpose of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Mission is to identify how placing emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion can support our overall mission - with the intent of helping us become better at doing what we do - inspire the next generation of environmentally responsible citizens for our local and global communities.
Cooper Center Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission

A key element of our mission at the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning is to provide an inclusive space for all to learn about and care for our environment. We work to foster supportive relationships throughout our community, honoring and valuing the heritage and diverse perspectives of the students, teachers, and families we serve.
In addition, we have drafted an Inclusion Statement and Plan of Action to better address how we aim to make our facility more accessible to all people, particularly to differently-abled students, teachers, staff and volunteers.

The Cooper Center Advisory Board is also exploring the formation of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Committee to support our staff in making a long range plan to address these topics at all levels of our organization and the programs we offer.

This will be an ongoing process in our work at Cooper Center, as it is through the field of environmental education and more broadly in our nation. If you would like to learn more about our work, or have feedback or interest in getting involved, please contact us.
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